A Must-Have Word Choice Guide

The Ultimate Source for Choosing the Perfect Word
When It Really Matters

Do you get tripped up by further vs. farther, accept vs. except, less vs. fewer?

How can you prevent these naughty gremlins—mixed-up spellings and confused meanings—from affecting (or is it effecting?) your writing?

And if you don’t, what’s at stake?

  • Your ability to clearly and precisely convey your message.
  • Your credibility and reputation in your marketplace.
  • Even your valued image as a professional in your field.

You see, you’re risking a lot!

That’s why you need a quick word choice quide to get these pesky trippers right.

A newly revised Word Trippers e-book does that and even more. It gives you an easy-to-search tripper-tracking resource for selecting the perfect word when it matters most.

"A considerable work; this is a good collection with clear explanations.”
- Joseph Harris, writer

Word Trippers is a word choice guide providing precise word usage in many fields, including—

  • Authors and speakers
  • Administrative assistants
  • Court reporters
  • Business communicators and leaders
  • Teachers and student

“I highly recommend Word Trippers—a delightful and useful reference with great information from a world-class book editor, Barbara McNichol.”
- Anita Paul, professional speaker, former court reporter

This must-have ebook features 340+ Word Trippers created by editor Barbara McNichol who has been correcting others’ written language since grade school. (Visit her website www.BarbaraMcNichol.com for details on her expert editing services.)

In the latest edition, you’ll find familiar trippers like “breath vs. breathe” and “among vs. between” and lots more—

Tolerant, tolerable
Endemic, epidemic
Aisle, isle

Collegial, congenial
Soar, sore
Sallow, shallow

Polish your professionalism and purchase this easy-to-use word choice guide today.

Word Trippers:
The Ultimate Source for Choosing
the Perfect Word When It Really Matters

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        •  easy to find using your computer’s “find” feature
        •  focused on everyday—not obscure—words
        •  examples of usage that clarifies, not confuses

      EXAMPLE #1: Famous, notorious – “Famous” means known widely and favorably, while “notorious” means known widely and unfavorably. “The young actress became famous for her Oscar-nominated role, and then became notorious for her drug use and underage drinking.

EXAMPLE #2: Fewer, less – “Fewer” is used when units or individuals can be counted; less is used with quantities of mass, bulk, or volume. “There are fewer letters to be written today than yesterday.” “The mail takes up less space than I thought it would.” Generally if the word has an “s” at the end, use “fewer” – fewer dollars but less money; fewer muffins but less food.

“I use the Word Trippers book at least once or twice during the writing
of a story. There are so many times when the exact meaning or
connotation of a word is critical to deliver the message and not deliver
- John Wolf, author

“Using a word correctly is essential to effective communicating.
Word Trippers is a quick, handy reference for authors and others
who want to make sure their message is compelling and on point.”

- Robin Peel, marketing consultant

Word Trippers:
The Ultimate Source for Choosing
the Perfect Word When It Really Matters

Only $16.95!

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With this purchase, you’ll be signed up automatically for Word Tripper of the Week—a regular ezine that brings fresh Trippers into your in-box.

BONUS #2: Best of Word Trippers – the most often misused Word Trippers in an attractive, short, easy-to-print-out document


"Word Tripper of the Week. Great ezine! Thanks."
- Dan Poynter, author, publisher, speaker

"Your Word Trippers have been very helpful for my work and
I appreciate getting the updates.
- Judy Johnson, writer

“One thing I love about Word Trippers is that they are concise and down to earth:
nothing snobby about Barbara McNichol's approach to clear thinking and lively writing.

Whether you write for a living or just want to write correctly,
Word Trippers is a handy resource.”

- George Mason, subscriber

Having your own Word Trippers is a must for writing accurately and precisely!

Only $16.95!

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The Creator of Word Trippers—Barbara McNichol

Barbara McNichol specializes in editing nonfiction books, one-sheets, and marketing materials. She helps writers find the perfect words in everything they write and publish. Look for details about full editing services from Barbara McNichol Editorial at www.BarbaraMcNichol.com


What the Pros Say about WORD TRIPPERS word choice guide

“As a professional writer, I enjoy the twists of the English language, such as
when to use peek or peak, and course or coarse. Like big rocks on a path,
I trip over how to use ‘lay vs. lie’ and ‘compose vs. comprise.’ That’s when I peek at Barbara’s
Word Trippers ebook and get back on course.”
- Patrice Rhoades-Baum, copywriter, marketer

“From writing I encountered in the business world, I think everyone from
administrative assistants to managers and CEOs would benefit from
Word Trippers. Gremlins can sneak in anywhere!”
- Peggy Henrikson, editor, author

“I rely on Word Trippers to steer me and my authors away from English usage landmines. My desk would be incomplete without my dictionary and, of course, Word Trippers.”
- Faye Quam Heimerl, book coach, author Scarf Dancer

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