The reputation you create for you and your book depends on the quality of your writing.

That's why you want a professional editor who:

» ensures your nonfiction book conveys your message powerfully
» preserves your voice while adding clarity and artistry
» makes the editing process easy on you!

Look no further (or is it farther?) for your professional business book editor.

Nonfiction Book Editing

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Gail Woodard


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Robin Speculand
On Course: Become a Great Leader & Soar!

Ken Pasch


Your Keys to Moving On: A Guide to Navigating Divorce and the Marital Home

Joan Rogliano


Anger 101: The Healthy Approach to Being a Bitch

Lori DiGuardi


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Most impressive was the work of Barbara McNichol, who spotted an enormous number of places to sharpen and clarify the text, ranging from subtle to substantial. Thank you, Barbara, for elevating the writing and your extraordinary attention to detail.
David R. Steinman, Ph.D. Just Relax: Your Guide to All-Natural Stress Relief