The reputation you create for you and your book depends on the quality of your writing.

That's why you want a professional editor who:

» ensures your nonfiction book conveys your message powerfully
» preserves your voice while adding clarity and artistry
» makes the editing process easy on you!

Look no further (or is it farther?) for your professional business book editor.

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Recent books edited by Barbara McNichol Editorial

Abuse & Energy: Bringing You Home Through the Transformational Power of Energy

Mariane E. Weigley, JD


Echoes of Silence: Letters to a Drug Addicted Mother from the Woman Who Took Her Place

Gwen Miller


The Patients’ Time Has Come

Elizabeth Rankin, BScN


The Formula: Seven Steps for Healing from Depression and Manic Depression

Alicemarie O’Neill


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My book would honestly be so different without the masterful eye of Barbara McNichol. As a first-time author, I knew what I wanted to say, but Barbara was instrumental in making my vision comprehensible. Even more than her keen eye for grammar and syntax, her ability to extract the crux of what I was trying to say – and call out unnecessary repetition or contradictions – were invaluable to me. And through it all, she allowed me to keep my ‘voice,’ helping me create a business book for which I am…
Jaime B. Hansen, Expanding the Conversation