Your market demands you write the best book possible to establish you as an authority, an expert.

So how can you ensure the highest quality in EVERYTHING you write? With a little help from Barbara McNichol Editorial.

If it’s time to:

  • » hire the right editor for your nonfiction book
  • » strengthen your writing or help those in your world
  • » increase your skill in matching the right word to the meaning you want
    then you’re in the right place.

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    Recent books edited by Barbara McNichol Editorial

    When All Balls Drop by Heidi Siefkas

    "You were crucial to making this a success. Here’s to looking up."

    – Heidi Siefkas, author of When All Balls Drop: The Upside of Losing Everything


    Private Spaces by Diana Madaras

    "Barbara’s skill helped me bring Private Spaces to life. She put the polish on the pages that turned my manuscript into a professional work of art."
    – Diana Madaras (See Video) | Order Book


    Big Dreams Take Small Sacrifices

    “Barbara takes a manuscript and turns it into a book. She has been instrumental to every one of my book’s successes.”

    – Sourena Vasseghi, author of Big Dreams Take Small Sacrifices and Love Your Life


    Your Mother Called by Gina Murphy-Darling

    "Barbara, I couldn’t have done it without you."

    – Mrs. Green, author of Your Mother Called (Mother Earth) . . . You’d Better Call Her Back!


    CALM by Mark Jamieson

    “Barbara has done a stellar job in making the book's concepts clear and understandable.”

    – Mark Jamieson, author of CALM


    Ignite Your Culture by Carol Ring

    "Barbara’s ability to amplify my messages and stories was powerful."

    – Carol Ring, author of Ignite Your Culture: 6 Steps to Fuel Your People, Profits and Potential



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    I have known Barbara for a long time. I know she is a great editor. So I asked her to edit the book I finally wrote, The Handbook of Nerd-Certified People Skills. She was terrific at catching mistakes and putting everything in a common voice. What I hadn’t counted on was how well she improved my content. She drew out significant points and showed me what to emphasize, raising the quality of the writing. She certainly exceeded my expectations.  
    Dick Cochran